1. Aboriginal

You talk a little harder,
You're loosing sight of what you know
Like it's not hard enough

But break, it isn't far where
You've got a lot to call your own
But it's not hard enough

The sun takes it isn't far there
We got it all and lost your glow
Like it's not hard enough

It isn't hard enough

2. Spring Fever

On the outside staring inward
Seeing promises I thought I'd keep
Now I spiral inward
Im embarrassed by the man I thought I'd be

But I still have my doubts
Im half asleep

We fall stained in cloth disguises
Social camoflauge the war is never done
Now I, I wash my hands
Cause I'm not afraid to die
No I'm not afraid to die

But I still have my doubts
I'm half asleep

I still have my doubts
I'm half asleep

3. Spirals

Fading soundly underneath
The fire that our bodies move
beneath the concrete

Of the dreams we'd hoped to keep
our mouths deceive our feet
As we go drifting through the spiraled paths we've weaved

We float
We float

Waiting quiet underneath
the branches of the final scene without a heartbeat

Looking on in disbelief
Our minds disguise the damage that they've seen
She whispers soft in spirals like a dream

We float
We float

Let go, pour out
maybe that's what life throws out
The sun it goes
like a solitary ghost
From here, in sight
it reminds her what feels right
She steps, she crawls
but there's 15 ways to fall
The sun, it goes
like your fading every hope