1. Cars & It’s Autumn

now misery has hooked you
an unstoppable reel
and you tried then you cried
but you still feel what you feel
and your hands on your head
surrender to your room
on the walk home from your place
felt every car hit my body

and reasonless brokenness
hope that it won’t stay
phantoms fly through your eyes
soon fly away

cars and it’s autumn
sometimes you get scared
and I won’t be okay
until her hands in my hair

and sometimes though it’s futile
I fight the ghostly commands
and I’ll scream at you, Nothing
I’ll sing loud with my friends!

I know it’s not right
you say “get a grip, kid”
but if I had the option
then don’t you think I’d pick it?

what I need is to be
alongside my band
funny how I’m happy now
singing about my sadness

2. Authorless Novel

greg: in the land of winter there’s
cold talks and white walks
hanging on
strange weather we’ve been having huh?
in the land of winters there’s
dead trees and dead leaves

ty: man, where’s comfort now?
I’m alive somehow
man, where are you now?
I’m alive somehow

and the paintings in the museum made me feel nothing
so I whistled and wandered around
and my egos still climbing, it wants me on top
and I’m sorry to push you all down

it’s just this bad trick where my eyes see with my body
and I feel like there’s only me
need a habit or some company or to do something
for someone who is not me

and the girl who wore your perfume made me think too much
so I whistled and wandered around
and my egos still needs me to be number one
but I think that I figured it out

that I only wish to be a positive force
and I don’t wanna be the main character of my own life anymore

3. Wish Little Fish

when cindy spun out on her go cart
watch as my eyes melt and bright
celebrate celibate stranger
I made you mine

then Frank shoots me dead with a laser
martians are half of my size
now that I’m well versed in misery
see me smile

the trick- it is
between patience and waiting
and waiting impatiently now

then he points to orion
notice my heart fills your room
and I wish and I wish and I wish little fish
but what’s to do?

the trick it is? (music!)

grudges are never worth it
picture me dead on the road
you stole my purpose
but you’re too cute for me to be cold

4. Boy Sees Mirror

I know it’s fucked up but I wish you the worst
how you call me your best friend I called you my lover
so I’ll see you on Sunday until then just fuck off
I’ll find peace in my room or the bike ride to work
you see lately my grace lasts an hour at best
when my eyes get all wide as if pills in my head
and I’ll see you on sunday see what happens then
I’ve been staring at the world have you figured it out yet?
that man’s problems would be solved if he could see past himself

Still just an earth wanderer I made up the rest
about having a soul and my purpose; she left
but you know I’ll recall it all blurry and bright
least when they take your picture they tell you to smile
but for now tame your hands keeps those thoughts in your head
when it’s dark in my room and I wish I was dead!
and I’ll see you on sunday I’m sorry for this
I live reckless and hide it by calling it passion
will I find my balance?
No! No?

5. Stomach Pit

the passerby knows not my name
our ant-like shells move on
when telomeres do what they must
my loved ones please come home

so soon we’ll sing our songs for you
like children pure and gay
a choir so strong we haven’t a chance
to shy our eyes away

suddenly I’m not me; is this really happening?; stomach pit; where’s
my friend?
lonesome in; ocean
spinning song; hurts a lot; camera click; then forgot; guess I grew up
too fast
lonesome in; ocean

I walked alone my hood was high
the concrete’s shining face
we clicked our heels a thousand times
I‘ll miss you anyway

so drunk on heaviness we brewed
inside our hoping heads
I saw true light. it’s blinding
I’ve waited for it since

coffee kick; florida sun; caring less; discipline; self explore; shave
your head
what’s it for?; gotten
mold me now; monolith; ferris wheel; ever since; sleevy stretch; hide
my hands;
now she’s dead; oh man
leather palm; secret tears; whisper “get me out of here”; wish you
well; eyes are red
lonesome in the ocean

I walked along the Charles today
a lovely lady passed
I’ll carry mine- a heavy life
may a light heart beat in my chest

6. Frére Jacques & Me

frére jacques & me
laying on couches asleep
and these pillows took all of your youth
does the phantom wake you up or do?

soeur jacques please
leave on the light when I sleep
cause these dreams make it hard to get up in the day
but I swear I’m trying

waste life
half tied
to pacing and waiting I know it’s not right
but I do it all the time

maman jacques when you
found what it all meant to you
did you cry when all you had was your golden thread?
is there more than that?

and I know it means nothing but I
love all these people I met in my life
you know we’re all meeting up on some later day
if the ghosts say our bodies can stay

grow in
and I said what I said and I’m proud
it’s a shame how I worship myself

do you remember when we’d smile, oh brother jack?
before all the pride and the embarassment
when we’d sing “oh joy”

7. Blurry & Bright

kiss me, sweetie
know I’m all yours now
heard someone say that everyday
we become someone else
hope that’s a lie

now what I know’s my home
how could I make you my make you my home
without the light?

hold me, honey
know I’m all yours now
someday you’ll crave
for somebody else
I’d rather die

and I call you mine that’s an illusory phrase
and I call you mine keeps me on my feet
well so I lean a bit
on your loving face
and I was told to win
but I won’t step near that fucking plate
when I’m afraid

do I bring the light;
when I sing about depression all the time?
am I bringing everybody with me down?
how could I think to possess somebody else?
possess less

and I don’t care much how I spend my days
know they’ll all seem bright in nostalgia’s gaze
and it kills me bad I know you won’t stay
but you’ll always be mine in a nostalgic way
you’ll bring the light

it’s so easy when it’s easy
rise above when it gets hard

8. Underwater

when we kissed in the pool
underwater, moon was bright and I felt cool

9. Mother Sea

call until i hope it hurts
your second life to hide the first
keep me away from my computer
for it only disappoints me
in the car I felt your lightness
but I can only be so heavy

the blue I hate that paints your bike
In this life how I lived by the symbol signs
keep me away from my old lover
yeah the one who went cold
I know it’s not your fault, babe
how beautiful songs get old

we might have trailed off
but who’s to say that I’m too far gone?
you lean so much and you’re bound to fall
and all these norms stuff my nose
and I can’t breath with my mouth
cause all my words have been said for me
by somebody else
I know I’ve seen you before
in other cultural norms
I stood there shaking nervous
in my conventional clothes
but now the rocket awaits me

all of these tangles I’d needn’t to quell
double mirror surrounds me can’t see past that cell
I was hopeful at one point didn’t work out so well
kept my eyes in my pocket where sun never fell

but now the mirror yells
“I think I’m ready to love myself!”

10. A Light Wish Weighs a Lot

I see inside your happy spout it pours so warm
and all I’ve figured out is if you want contentment
just look down see there it is!
and then you’ll find your grand ascent
this world is yours. why not go for it, kid
for all this time the choice was mine to laugh instead
a light wish weighs a lot
go for it, kid

hell is forgetting
don’t forget to smile
hell is forgetting
always try to remember what’s important

11. Desperation Club

man, where’s comfort now?
I’m alive somehow
man, where are you now?

pacing and waiting around
for that sweet old remembering sound

12. Halley's Comet

sometimes when we sang we understood
oh! we lived hard
so hard that sometimes all the weight would make our little bodies
shake our little bones

and how your coffee lips gave me a kick and left me wired high and dry
and soon my soul will spill out of these songs and I’ll have nowhere
to hide

sometimes we gave flight to the lashes of our eyes
a message for my kids
know that when each day shall end that means you’ve one less little
day to live
so live!

well my grandfather’s father kissed her perfect back in his time
and how it once was his no now the turn
it is mine

and sometimes in the dark we saw in true-- the ones we loved
a message for those to come
know that selflessness is key but you can take this one from me
it don’t mean shit
if you don’t love yourself

and my grandfathers father thought the same things as I
in his mind
and though this life is recycled
now the turn
it is mine
it’s my time