1. Tasting The Waters

Came time to venture in the wild, oh so excited
Cut loose, spaced myself from you, but I didn’t mind at all
That pink sky now framed inside my mind, separate from time
A fresh start, new comfort in my arms
Why didn’t I ride it out? 

2. Anchors In Time

Circled round a flickering fire
Just like celestial bodies in the night sky,
Predictable yes, but exciting nonetheless
Fireflies snapping like cameras, they’re just bugs
But I still hope they capture us
And live the rest of our lives in stagnant time
That sticky air just suits me so nice

Do you recall our fire talks under the pinhole light?
Or that sunken house that bugged me out? Is it a sign?
Or that shadow roll that calmed my bones as I was painting blind?

Stretched with delight, bees on the ride anxiously buzzing to another time
I open my eyes, they’re locked wide, I revel in the clearest sky
A perfect night, interlocking diamonds for the first time
Stay for a while and embrace the style of simple life
A seed in the mind sheltered from light, worse than a plant that’s withered and died
If anchors in time keep you aligned then find me mine

3. Fruit

Seeing what I want inside a picture that’s yet to be made
Jumping to conclusions about a story that’s barely been read
But what you’ll think keeps getting in the way of things I’d like to say
And all my dreams that I just can’t contain, those thoughts just can’t be tamed
Fleeting confidence gets me speaking, I break into myself
Envied oscillation, the feeling just cannot be quelled
So will my dreams finally come true? Crash straight into you…
And will I find a place to call my home out there on my own
Kind of nice, that saturated dirt, the smell of soaking earth
Need some plans to conjure up some worth, I’ve got some in the works

My wrists are sore from scattered thoughts all jumbled in a web
So I’ll take a drive to clear my mind, but I know what’s been said
Which path to choose? I wish I knew, but I know that I will find out
And give thanks to you and pay my dues, you never let me down, no

Sift through the dirt in my veins
There’s a long road ahead of me
All these closed doors, what will I see?
There are no peep holes on these things

4. I’m Ready To Take That Walk Now

I know what I want, no I don’t
I’m stomping on egg shells pretending they’ll hold but they won’t
And I can’t make you change with my fingertips
Reciting the facts to myself makes it worse, still this helix I’m trying to create
Been breaking my back for an incurable ache
We’re two parallel cells on this path for eternity
We’re sitting so close but it just ain’t worth moving
At least that’s what I thought you would say
Then you made the first touch so I thought you would stay
But I’m packing my bags in a couple of months
Oh who am I kidding? We were just having fun
But the future seemed bright from afar
A promising dream but I took this too far
Now you consume my thoughts while good memories rot
I see your silhouette move in the room that I’m not in

In the night a bird chirping away, I wanna know if he keeps you awake
You pealed back the skin from the fruit and then threw it away
Aren’t you curious how it tastes?

Each syllable under my skin
I suck each one out but they find a way into my memory maze
And in my misery, bathe
Think I’ll get myself clean, but I’m way too afraid to leave all those feelings behind
Cynical thoughts once good feelings of mine
But I’ll see better days when I’m so far away
And distractions keep my mind from terrible places
But my mind can only wander so long
Then the haze dissipates you emerge from the fog
Well I know I’ll be fine, you’ll seem smaller in time
And I won’t need to be fucked up to get through the night

I’m still alive even if you’re off on your way
Don’t talk about time, no timing just isn’t my thing
So if I’m kept in the dark, well what do you expect?
I mean I only know what I know and that’s it

I’m ready to take that walk now

5. Go

Watching as the light divides
It’s such an unfortunate display, but it’s not the only way
You stare just like a dog when you’ve done something wrong
Your tail between your legs, don’t go running away
Who’s inside your head when you are losing it?
It’s someone I don’t know, someone that needs to go
I think about the past, the times that couldn’t last
Before those dark seeds grew and spread their roots through you
Hold out your hand if you need, man I can’t let this last
Those frightening pictures make me sad
And all those “what ifs?” fill my head, you gave us quite a scare
It’s making me sick, just don’t get mad
If you peel back the years our funny fears have all been amplified
It’s weird when it’s real and in my sight
Cracking your shell will take some help, it may get messy
Though I know that you must do it yourself
But don’t you go hiding again, don’t you go leaving again
Don’t you go

6. Orchard Bent

Here we are, I see my star
And we’re all trying to grow in this Petri dish
But I’m sure there’s more, let’s explore
Grab your shoes let’s go search for the Petri dish store
I put my eye to a telescope, but where’re the ropes?
It’s a joke, I know, I know so let’s grow
There’s no meaning to solve, let’s evolve
Lift your head from the books of your god
So are we really of worth, or does it hurt to be just another flickering light bulb?
In a sea, a flickering point in infinity
A point that will burn out eventually
And fade away into the darkness ever so subtly

7. Liquid Hands

Feelings linger, fluid fingers, drain your anger, pound those keys
Artful mastery, impostor ivory can clean your mind and set you free
Now I watch a flower blossom unfolding outwards so beautifully
Make straight, your backbone and break those shackles
You are who you want to be
The sound’s a friend
It speaks the language spoken deep beneath your skin
The sound’s a friend
It speaks your language when the words just don’t make sense
There’s no order, but you are stronger, hold your head high, so much to see
Keep your cool, bathe in our pool, and come out who you need to be

You’re a tough one, soft inside, silly girl, sharpened mind
When that storm comes, keep a smile, don’t let the rain keep you inside
Let the liquid come to life, embrace the strangeness of the wild

8. Basement Song

If you really believe that you won’t ever be smiling again
I think it’s time to leave, there’s nothing we can do
Keep watering those trees and you won’t be able to see again
How bold a man can be when he decorates his home
I know that won’t be me
You must be so lonely
I could never tell while down there in the basement
That elevated hell, must have kept the air too warm
When I see it from the street my mind rewinds then plays it back
You planted all those seeds, but now you’ll never know what you could have had
And all you’ve come to know wouldn’t have to be so bad

9. Slippery Trees

Trapped inside your growing fortress, darkness eating up the light
You can place your weight on someone else’s back, but you’re alone tonight
At your chalkboard spewing garbage, product of a crumbling mind
Pulling out your hair, concocting hopeless potions, wasting time

Such an author, try and rewrite yourself in your fucked up mind
Too consumed by your obsessive schemes, you’ll soon be left behind
Dressed in white, oh what a costume, devil dresses up as god
Why you chose to build those barricades, well that I never got

Thought I was alone on my bed writing that letter stolen from me
When all along the room was living, learning secrets, what had it seen?
Like Icarus splashed into infinite sea plummeting fast through the sky
You serenade disaster, flirt with misery, fall and then act surprised

10. Downtime

Slow it on down, slow it on down
Can I please come down?
Please just let me down
Slow it on down, slow it on down
Can I turn around? Can I just slow it on down? Slow it on down
Ants prancing around, oh the comfort of the ground

Please let me off of this thing
I’m nearly pulling down the strings
I’m so scared of where I’m going
Is it over? Was that really it?
I know that I can’t fight it, could I just please be uninvited?
I’ll keep quiet I, won’t tell, it can’t be time to leave my shell behind
Can I design a life in time for my arrival
and chance survival like I’ve got a clue, a plan, or shoes
cause’ all I know is the ebb and flow
If I could sleep with open eyes…
If I could just fall asleep with open eyes…

11. Watchmaker

Heard the sound of a swollen crowd
Heard some paralyzed shouting
Trying to figure it out in time
Solved the puzzles of life with a key and kite
On some forefather’s right
But do the pieces fit tightly?

The asymmetry of a tree is what convinces me there’s no way it should be
We’re just floating around free in an infinite sea
The tattered remains of a cat breeding flies in the back
Is what makes me think that no one’s watching my back
I’m not glued to no track

The birds get along humming a different song
So is it time to move on?
Oh this puzzles all wrong
When it comes time to die
You’ll go out wailing like a child
And in that split seconds time
Will it all feel right?

I hope the ideas in my mind trickle down through my spine
And my legs can unwind
And my mind won’t think twice, and make up for last time
Well why don’t I just misbehave and leave my elephant grave?
Or play some dice for a change and remember where I came from?
We perpetuate in chaotic storm, disadvantaged unborn…
And defy nature’s preference for the simplest form

12. Sweet Shop

My brain is growing, looks like a Venetian
I want to eat through it and see what’s beneath
All these layers are sticky and making me anxious
If I could I would shed them to find something delicious
Now I’m on an airplane counting my breaths
Can we get to the airport as quick as we can?
Cause I’m stuck to this leather where I accepted death
Oh, a familiar feeling, the only I have left
Seems I’ve misplaced my keys and can’t get back in
And I’ve forgotten my belongings, but I doubt they still fit
Growing tired of growing, now this cookie’s too big
Petrified of it crumbling and putting me to bed
But where is my helmet?
And where is the hail?
Or a meteor shower?
Just something to grab
Journeyed deep in the forest
But my jelly bean trail is decaying with time
Old memories gone stale
And the tickin' tock time of my second-filled life
Makes me jealous of myself in a simpler time
Still my secrets are throbbing
In myself I confide
Soaks my clothes in a truth that I just cannot hide anymore

I lost my footing as you struggled to climb
Still wandering through the forest
Distracted by the sights
Witnessing a new system and feelings so precise
Still I’m searching for candy
Blue raspberry smiles
Do you underestimate the power of time?
And attribute your “why’s” to the ghostly divine?
Well if I were to tell you the thoughts in my mind
Would you just get frightened?
Are these thoughts just mine?

13. Worms

Strange how things change
My infant mind feels the same
Coffee and a grape wet my tongue
Freedom’s taste
I’ve been begging for this day
I forgot those better tastes
Now the worms split the earth
They’ve come up to take my place

You’ve got something on your mind
I think I feel it in your tension
But that doesn’t matter now, we’ll all be fine
I wonder if I’ll know when I see answers to my questions
Will my eyes make the connection with my mind?

I look up but never straight
It strains my eyes, it tempts my fate
Miss that sheltered brick escape,
Miss our songs, miss those days
When were dancing in the dark
Never thought we would stop
But I guess that’s how it goes
Make new friends then head on home