1. Graupel

Here’s me wishing to god that I was more unique
To have a super power, maybe wings
Fly me to where nobody’s ever seen a thing like me
Me I’ll always be a snowflake underneath
Wishing to god that someone else could see
My crystalline body is distinct

Speaking of which
I also want to be the top of the snowman
Or part of his visage
Or I’ll hide behind his eyelids 
I’ll make it easy; I’ll be his dial tone

Here’s you wishing to god you weren’t so confused
Curiosity has fractured youth
Like a time bomb and it’s time to choose the path to take
Take every moral that you can think
To forget about or throw away
Challenge everyone and everything
Now you’ve got a hundred things that you could lose
I would save a couple if I were you
Just incase one day you think maybe
I shouldn’t have pissed in that snow
Such a pretty picture doesn’t come too easy

Speaking of which
I also want to be the top of the snowman
Or you could be part of the ocean
I want to set ideas in motion
I’ll make it easy
I’ll hide behind his eyelids

2. Snowflake

It’ll get so cold out and the inside will feel so warm
And my brother will be my brother again
You’re always silent like that, and the shuffle of your jacket
Could make me weak as to drop the songs
You’re always silent like that, and the slow rising of your chest
Weighs my eyes weep as to drop the songs

I don’t want to write you off, I don’t care 
What secrets I see, I don’t care
I don’t want to force you on anywhere
If my words manifest
Even just a gentle wind, I don’t care 
How much you move, I don’t care
I don’t want to change you there 
Even just a gentle wind
And my brother will be my brother again

4. Always Lover

Well I heard you cried tears of icicles
A call that could have killed you
And she was once there in your place
For all the opposite reasons
Me, I would have waited
Till my bones had frozen over
And I too was some artificially flavored frozen fruit snack

She told me you were romantic
Stood in the rain and waited
Stayed awake to call her
You would always love her
My friend seems to like her
I don’t know what to tell him
How could he compare to
Epitome of Relationship
Pictures on your wall
Remind of me of the way things
Were before you met him
Now, before you left him
I am just a good friend
Let him be a good friend

Is he sick inside his head?
Or still the boy that you’re loving?

Well I heard you cried tears of icicles
Until the girl had come back for you
Back to where we started 
Figured it was over
Me I would have waited
Mistakes I would have made and
Just I would be some artificially flavored frozen fruit snack
Just I would be
Just, I would be just

5. Thirsty

Hand to back cold clammy 
Palm upsetting stomachs 
Fluttering eyelashes
Warm embrace-lets me feel un-lonley’d
Hard tumbling 
Walk heavy 
Shoes soggy 
Speak slowly
Wet lenses 
Not rainy day
It’s pretty out would you like to walk outside with me
And sit in the field and feel funny

Laugh hard then end softly
Wet lenses, not rainy day
Empty backpack-ed with blue memory
Empty backpack-ed with empty
I’m thirsty not hungry
It’s hard to be hungry
Easy to be angry
It’s sad when you cry and that makes me cry and that makes you cry 
And I’m happy you’re alive and I’m happy I’m alive 
Messing up the silverware in the back of the restaurant
I can’t roll fast enough, I can’t cry hard enough

7. Purple

You were the green leafed
Given I am the purple tree in your front yard
Overlooking your balcony
And I’ve never felt worse, then when the world cut you down
Are you just sawdust now?
I could have sworn I saw you burning into ember then blowing away

I didn’t know you, as well as I should
To me you were a picture that lasted forever, but now I can see 
Past what has passed me 
I was the passerby
In your shade for years
And I paid no mind; I just smiled and walked by
And I never thanked you; you were happy to watch me
Am I just a shadow cast?
Is it too late to ask?
I want appreciation covering my body

Can I be forgiven? For time didn’t grant me
The wisdom to know and hold myself close
To flames I’m afraid of what I can’t see
Are you a ghost inside of me?
I’m a pupil to you, and to time
I should listen when you say goodbye

And on the ride home I hid my tears safe in my hands
I carried them in
Through the door I held them before 
My guitar
I said one last song for the man
And the fact is I can’t understand it
And the sadness just blasted like static
And like magic we were young again

8. Grandfather’s Hat

I wear my grandfather’s hat to ward off demons
All the people who would guess me wrong can pass me off, guess me wrong
Keeps a safe distance between me and the false god eyes sometimes even in the mirror
I step awkward over all the cracks just to keep my face from crossing a stare beam
I lose my balance in invisible waves, the more I think me mad
And every now then in moments of attention I see my crests collected
Won’t you amplify me?
Sometimes even in the mirror
I have to remind me