Released: 9/29/18


Released: 2/19/18

From the valley to the summit. Stops along the way. In no specific order.


Released: 11/13/16

Life, love, happiness are all unpredictable and transitory. We live in an utterly indifferent universe that allows for profound beauty and unimaginable despair. Where your current situation lies in the spectrum is merely a roll of the dice...or at least it appears that way. If you are one of the fortunate players, you will have your moments in paradise. I'd like to get better at being entirely present for them and appreciative of their existence. We are all mayflies in the scheme of things. Enjoy your blips.

Everything below was released as Tapestry


Released: 4/9/15

I wrote most of this album a few years ago, 2011-2012, but never ended up recording it. By the time I was able to I felt that I was passed it and was ready to move on... It comes from a very unsure, ultimately stagnant, time in my life. I had views and ideas that were at odds with each other, and I was in a different mindset from day to day. With some exception, I can't really relate to this album anymore, which is why I originally intended to scrap it. However, after some time had passed it felt oddly nice to revisit myself from this time and play this character again. It was nice to see it through...

Thanks to Joey Puleio for playing drums on tracks 1,3,5,8 & 10
Thanks to Parveen Keynejad for some of the shots for the videos
And thanks to Sean Scully and Cole Verderber for letting me borrow equipment

You can watch this whole album as videos too:


Released: 7/20/14

This album is a glimpse into where I was around the beginning of Fall 2013. It felt like the beginning of a new chapter in my life that I was excited to be in. I'm usually a very slow writer, but I wrote all of it, more or less, in about a month. I had written an album in the two years prior to this that I had been sitting on for a while without the means to record it, and once I was able to, I felt too disconnected from it. I'd say this is a response to that. Where that focused on the dejection and dread of stagnancy, this focuses more on change and the ups and downs. The album title reflects multiple things for me - change, family, friends, among others things...

Thanks to Cole Verderber for Mixing and Mastering
Thanks to Parveen Keynejad for Vocals on “First Steps"


Released: 7/15/11

This album was my first real attempt at a solo project. I recorded it in the bathroom of my grandma's old room(which is now mine), with a crappy mic and my brother's laptop whenever he wasn't using it. It was meant to sum up my college experience and so I began recording the day after I got home while all the feelings and experiences were still fresh in my head. I wanted to use all of the songs that I had written throughout those four years and make some sort of musical equivalent to a photo album for myself.

Mayfly is Casey's beautiful music.