Released: 9/25/11

Mike and I (Greg) have both been important figures in each other's musical lives while growing up in Long Island. I looked up to Mike throughout high school for the music he made and before we'd actually met I thought he was a big successful musician out in some professional musician-land. It was the biggest confidence booster to find that true talent and ability was no longer a distant, unreachable dream; in fact it was alive around the corner (and perhaps, I thought, one day [or right now!?] that talent could live in me).

But as obvious as it was to me that his solo music is incredible, Mike tended to be too nitpicky about his music to ever release any solo stuff... ever. So with enough pressure and finally the suggestion that we just man up and do a split together Mike has released his first official solo songs on Go Ahead under "Michael Brandon" and I, again, under "Sonoak". Although we wrote these songs over a long segment of time, separately, they actually fall into a strangely coherent theme. This split is one that reflects upon the useless breed of depression and anxiety and how we can and must make do with what we have because at some point were just avoiding a happiness that's sitting right in front of us. It's time to take a step, so go ahead!

Michael Brandon is Michael Brandon.