Released: 7/3/11

We named all of the track titles about things we love in Boston which is where we go to school. Out of the Blue being the art gallery that we always play at in front of nearly nobody. It's owned by Tom Tipton who is more or less the greatest human being alive.

Haley House is a soup kitchen that Tyler has volunteered at for the past two and half years. The song is framed after this religious church song Which Tyler grew to love while attending a local youth group throughout high school.

Flower Girl comes from not only the feel of the song as a wedding song, but the weddings that the band has crashed in Boston.

Released: 11/20/10

The band started playing together in their dormrooms. They experimented with different instruments (Winter Garden features a melodica, drowning out features tyler hitting the strings of an acoustic guitar with a chopstick while playing drums with another hand) and different styles.

A month into playing together, they took their first trip out to Long Island where they had less than 48 sleepless hours to record these four tracks. Friends coming and going all weekend helped record bass and group vocals and extra guitar. At the end of recording (6am Sunday morning) everyone cut up a pineapple, ate, had a crazy long drone jam, and all fell asleep to the loop they'd made.

Primacy Effect is Lorena, Samira, and Tyler. They all met at Emerson College and started jamming together. The only times they've recorded were during two weekend trips to the practice room on Long Island.