Released: 2/27/13

I never intended for anyone to hear any of this…

It takes me so long to write something I am generally happy with. For three years Steph (Smartone) pestered me (lovingly) about putting out the music I was making in my basement. When I finally built up the courage to show Tyler, he convinced me further that it needed to be heard. It is thanks to you both that anyone knows what this sounds like.

Thank you so much to my amazing friends at PRR for putting this up. It means more to me than you all know. I am endlessly inspired by every one of you.

Stephanie Martone
Keyboard - Intro, Outro, Regreat
Vocals - Helpless, ReGreat

Joe Verderber
Percussion - Glimpse

Raw Paws is Cole Verderber. He just recently grew his first mustache. It's been a while since he grew said mustache. Pretty kickin'.