About Practice Room Records

After a few failed iterations of high school bands replete with high school drama, we formed Adam & Naive in 2006 in Smithtown, NY. We cleaned up the little detached basement from Tyler’s parents’ house and had some band practices in there. It became a sort of community space where we hosted things like a game show, magic acts, comedy nights and of course music. But mostly it was just where all our friends hung out.

We made some albums and didn’t really know how to share them with people because things like bandcamp didn’t exist yet and myspace was phasing out of being a music site. So Kenny made us our own from scratch and we’ve been giving away free downloads of our albums through it ever since. In a way, its really just been the prolonging of our suburban garage bands and bedroom projects into our 30s. Not a ton of ambition for more here. We just like making music.

In 10 years Practice Room Records has put out 69 albums, 6 compilations, and 9 live albums. This latest website design (5/5/20) is courtesy of Michael Brandon.

P.S. For anyone who’s new, the “download” button under the album is for a free download of the mp3s. You can always pay for the WAVs on bandcamp, or just stream on spotify, apple music, amazon, google play, etc.