City Museum

City Museum is Greg, Jordan, and Kenny. At 14 it was all fun and games. At 21 it was all Binghamton and fun and games and recording an album at the Curse Jar (or 11 Goethe if you’re the girls…).

City Museum

Our Roofs

Released 03/29/2012

Jordan threw a textbook at Greg’s head in Earth Science class in 9th grade. Then they became best friends. Then Greg became an Earth scientist. Then Jordan screamed a bunch in Deafening Chromatic. Then Jordan sat between Kenny and Moloch in drawing. Then he introduced Greg to Kenny and they all became best friends. Then they slept on Kenny’s roof every summer. Then Kenny made all the album art and shirt designs for Adam & Naive. Then Kenny became a member of Adam & Naive. Then they were lost then found in the Midwest for 9 days. Then they knew they were Now Here and not homeless in Chicago. Then they lived under the same roof in Binghamton. Then they told everyone it wasn’t them. Then Brandon Sciortino gave Jordan a children’s drumset. Then Greg threw a chair off a porch. Then they brewed beer. Then Pants. Then they recorded this album. Then what?

Puddles (Spring Compilation #1)

Released 04/02/2012

Compilation of PRR artists and friends.

2. Cloud – End of an Aura: Produced by Jon Davies & Lorena Alvarado
     Guitar by Jon Davis
     Bass/Vocals by Samira Winter

3. Tapestry – Salt Stains: Recorded by Cole Verderber
     Drums by Joey Puelio

4. Sonoak – One Day, a Straight Path: Mixed by Kenny Korb

5. Trestin Eeling – Cute Pop Apocalypse: Whistling by Jess Katon

6. Adam & Naive – Not a Film: Engineered at Shea Stadium in Brooklyn

7. Plain Graze – Lost and Found: Mixed by Greg

10. Samira & Lorena – Six Years Later: Mixed by Nolan Eley

13. Ena Alvarado – Irene With All: Mixed by Kenny
      Drums by Tyler
      Second guitar by Greg
      Bass by Konrad
      Extra vocals by Lorena & Greg