Classic Tribe

Classic Tribe is Mike, Casey, Joey, and Sean. A super-group of sorts, creating a rich, deep, interesting sound with just a guitar, a bass, a drumset, and a vocalist.

Classic Tribe

Strong You

Released 09/14/2010

The first song written for this EP was “Soft Step”, which we played a couple of times with the old set. We lost a few pedals and sent a few emails back and forth over the school year and slowly worked on some songs. We finished the rest of the songs over the summer in a similar fashion to the first…even turning Joey’s living room into a practice space in order to write the song “Strong You”. Like the first, we squeezed recording in right before school began.

Classic Cat

Released 08/31/2009

This EP began as an experiment. The first songs, “Jamaican Me Crazy” and “Little Boots” were written before the thought of starting a band had even come up. We threw around the idea of being an instrumental band, but decided to ask Mike if he would be interested in singing. We then began writing what would become Classic Cat ,the majority written in Joey’s mom’s room after transforming her walk in closet (aka the ”princess room”) room into a comfortable practice space while she was away on vacation. After we had solidified a set/album we recorded it quickly before the summer ended and we had to go back to school.