Indestructible Grampas

We are your grandpa. You are our grandchilds. We hope you’re happy.

Indestructible Grampas is the trippy, goofy brain child of Poppy Da Bobby (Beach Moon/Peach Moon) and Grampa Derek (Rice Cultivation Society).

Indestructible Grampas


Released 07/13/2014

1-800-MATTERS is the toll-free hotline into your subconscious. The price is the truth. The path is the fold. The song is the key.

Poppy Da Bobby and Grampa Derek recorded many separate tracks of many separate instruments. Each one was live at the time. Every time they combined live tracks together, they became more live. Eventually, after many combinations of live tracks, 1-800-MATTERS became the most live album ever created. You’re welcome.

The album was made in 4 recording sessions, not including some songs Grampa Derek recorded on his own time. They spent most of their time in the “studio” eating avocados and nutritional yeast.

This album was also released on Mecca Lecca Records.