Young Yin

Young Yin is me, Kenny Korb, a reluctant city-dweller dabbling in philosophies and feelings, trying to make some sense of this mess through music. Though I struggle with a solid reality and objective linguistics, I think the closest I can come to describing my own music is that it’s kinda sorta cosmic indie chill emotional folk rock with generally uppity amateur-ish vocals and lyrics that span the happiest, the saddest, and the most void of emotion.

Young Yin

Meet Me in the Park

Released 09/02/2020

The constant anxiety of the city, the intense loneliness of political and aesthetic disconnect with people, their proud and warped unwavering views, the myth that is reality, the death of magic as more evils of the world are revealed in growing up, work, lust, heartbreak, drugs, losing those you love, and other immense weights of being bearing down on us.

But this isn’t a sad album, not totally. I think these songs search for those moments of good in a bad world. The peaceful park in the center of an otherwise overwhelming city. I wrote most of these songs when I was at my lowest, but I’m happy that it culminated in a great appreciation of what fleeting good there is and a bit more resilience to the ubiquitous evil in our society. Happiness out of heaviness. And hopeful.


Beautifully mixed by Ian Hersey.
Mastered to perfection by Paradiddle Records.
Released on Practice Room Records.

Thanks to Chelsea Shugert for playin’ piano on the first two tracks and pushing me to write more interesting bass parts, Greg Salwen for singing on the second/tenth tracks and misinterpreting the lyrics to the last track so I added them in, Sam Swift for singing on the tenth track even though I’m sure it was scary, Erica Umhoefer for helping to solidify the form of these songs and writing some of the piano parts that I tried to emulate in recording (namely on the last track and ninth track), Joey Puleio for leaving his bass in the hallway of his apartment building so I could pick it up mid-quarantine without possible exposure to covid, Renata (or Liam? Can never remember) for lending me your better-sounding-than-mine acoustic guitar, and finally a general thanks to all those who inspired these songs, I truly wouldn’t have made something like this if it weren’t for you.