Plain Grays is Jordan Rebolini and his guitar and some pedals and some drums and a keyboard and whatever else is around. Maybe a glockenspiel or something.


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Released:  9/1/12

Polaroid by Kim Odenthal
Download | Hi-res Cover

  Self-recorded at the Curse Jar
Mixed with Kenny Korb at the Practice Room


       Recording my first release was not at all the experience I thought it was going to be. I had written a lot of songs on my looper 
during the time I spent off from school and figured it would just be a matter of translating them from my RC-30 to the computer.
But when I finally got to starting this thing and I had a song or two recorded, it all began to change for me. Recording became
less and less of making songs, and became more of me just holing up in our studio for late nights, trying my best to rid myself
of whatever bad thoughts I was having at the time and losing myself in random drones. For a while, to be honest, I had no intention
of releasing any of this, because most of this was therapy and not song-writing at all. At this point I'm really proud of it
and ready to share with the world, so why not?

       I owe a lot to Greg for unknowingly convincing me to put this out for the world to hear. Thanks to Tyler and Kenny for assisting with the roughs, thanks to Brandon Sciortino for the drumset, and a million thanks to PRR for letting me release this on this amazing site.

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